Harvesting Together as Family


"Harvesting Together as Family” will be a day in celebration for the opening of the harvesting season at “Paradise Farm.” A journey of breath, movement, dancing and singing medicine music. Together we will create one big orchestra with enough drums and maracas for everyone to participate! we’ll learn rituals to connect with the seeds, the trees, the flowers and the fruits.

Cynthia Zak is a world-renowned children’s meditation and mindfulness teacher, singer, songwriter and director of the “Yomu Institute.” Cynthia has written over 100 children songs. For the last 30 years she has been creating and training others to expand music, movement and yoga for children and families. She is a true believer that music is the medicine and the door to kindness and happiness

What to bring:

  • Refillable water bottle #NOPLASTIC
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Yoga mat